Founded 1979
  • Rev. Dr. Horace W. Strand, Sr. – Founder and Pastor
  • Rev. Doreen Strand – Assistant Pastor
  • Deacon Robert Anding, Sr. – Chairman Deacon Board
  • Bruce Connor, Jr. – Chairman Trustee Board
  • Dietra Connor – School Principal
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Buy the Book

His personal testimonial after sustaining a shotgun blast to the face.


This book is the story of Reverend Horace W. Strand, and how he sustained¬† and overcame a shotgun blast to the face, resulting in multiple injuries. My God gave me strength to look to Him, against incredible odds, to stand on the Word. In no way could I attempt to glorify in this book any individual, any piece of flesh; our purpose is that others who may be facing¬† their time of testing or dark hours in their Christian experience, might realize that they don’t have to give up. They can continue to hope and to believe God, in spite of what they see, because the Bible says heaven and earth shall pass away, but God’s word will stand. This is the purpose of my book, and this is what we hope to so through sharing with you our personal testimony.

callout-3_07 He’s a Prayer Answering God
“His personal testimonial after sustaining a shotgun blast to the face”
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